Dr. Terah Isaacson believes that the diagnosis of an issue begins and ends with listening. She has devoted every day of her 12-year career to treating a diverse range of patients with a broad range of needs. After living in Texas House District 148 for over seven years, Terah knows the residents of 148 need their next candidate to be a strong advocate that will do what Terah does every day at work - listen to the issues and respond directly. That is why Terah knows that what we need most is a representative that will listen to constituents and make their needs the center of her actions.


Early Life/ Parents & Siblings

Terah learned early that parents with stable, dignified work help make for stable, civic-minded families. She was one of four children in a working-class Kansas family. A younger sibling with difficult medical issues from birth introduced her to the kind of caretaking that would become her career. Compounding these costly health issues, Terah’s parents struggled with consistent, quality employment for years and her family moved several times in her early years to improve her father’s work prospects. The strains brought on by such instability contributed to the divorce of her parents, which underscored in her mind the correlation of dignified work and the stability at home. 



Compelled to begin working at the young age of 14, supporting her family and receiving assistance along the way reinforced the importance of support structures within communities and taught Terah that none of us should be in this world alone. Assistance from programs like free school lunches and college grants were crucial to her successful completion of a degree in biochemistry. As a medical student in 2006, Terah was gaining broad-based experience, traveling to Tanzania for an international health elective getting and first-hand experience in access to healthcare issues. But what Terah brought home was the knowledge that she didn’t need to travel continents to address access to quality healthcare. Our backyards are full of ways to care for the unfortunate.

Dr. Isaacson took her science background to medical school at her alma mater, the University of Kansas. Following great success as a surgical resident in Oregon, Dr. Isaacson then had the honor of coming to the Texas Medical Center to complete a fellowship in Colon & Rectal Surgery. Terah has been a leader in medicine amongst her peers and cohorts and brings that passion and leadership home to her own neighborhood She settled in Houston and the Near Northside neighborhood where she and her family have called home since 2012.



Today Terah has two young daughters and a step-son, all native Houstonians, that keep her eyes on the future of Texas. As the daughter of a teamster, Terah learned civic engagement from her father's involvement in his local chapter and value they brought their working family. These are values she is passing on to her own children who join her at the Near Northside civic meetings. Volunteering for the civic club brought to light the struggles of her community and the need for responsive leadership at the state level. 

In Conclusion

In medical school, residency and as a surgical fellow, Terah built on the grit and tenacity earned early in life. She learned to endure the long hours and endless days of surgical training. She has served in numerous professional leadership capacities, including leadership roles with the Harris County Medical Society and the Texas Medical Association. She is ready to help Texans get and keep access to quality medical care. She is ready to fight the opioid epidemic by any means available. She is ready to promote mental health in our schools, our workplaces and amongst our homeless population. She is ready to take up the fight against wasteful and disruptive public boondoggles like the I-45 freeway move. She is ready to be a representative in Austin who has this lesson in mind every day of the legislative session. Dr. Terah Isaacson has served her patients, and now she is ready to serve you in the Texas House of Representatives.

Dr. Terah Isaacson

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